Is your floor surface looking scratched and worn? It might be a situation where a good sanding and re-finish will be enough to bring your wooden flooring back to life!

We use the latest wooden floor sanding machine technology to ensure a virtually dust-free service (a little bit of dust is inevitable).

Floor sanding process

We will measure up the area to be sanded and establish whether any repairs are needed, the type of wood, the amount of sanding required and whether a finish is required.

Once we have removed the existing covering and the floor has been sanded back to even out the surface, we use sawdust from the floor and resin to fill any gaps. The sawdust and resin mixture helps to maintain the colour of the wood. Once gaps have been filled, we gradually sand the floor down again to ensure a smooth finish and leave the area clear and clean.


Applying finishes

Prior to commencing the work, we will help you to decide on a finish for your floor restoration project. There are different types of finish for your floor including:

Lacquer finishes

Usually one or two part water based lacquer, available in Matt, Satin, Silk-Matt and Gloss sheens. The amount of coats required varies, with each coat taking around 1-3 hours to dry.

Oil finishes

Available in Matt, Semi-Matt and Satin finished, usually applied using a two coat system, with each coat taking around 8-10 hours to dry.

CLICK HERE for more information about staining and varnishing.

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Floor sanding and re-finishing July 27, 2016