Not happy with the colour or finish of your wood flooring? Staining or varnishing (or both) might be the way forward.

Prior to staining and/or varnishing, the floor will generally need to be sanded down to ensure the stain can be properly absorbed into the wood.

Stains come in a variety of colours and finishes including matt, satin, silk-matt and gloss, with light sanding taking place between coats where required.

Adding a varnish, wax or oil to your floor can help preserve the floorboards underneath and slow any fading of the colour stain. Oil finishes are available in matt, semi-matt and satin, with no sanding required between coats.


We can help advise on which would best suit your type of wooden flooring to ensure it creates the look you wish to achieve, whether through timber floor varnishing or staining.

How long will it take?

Our recommended drying times for different types of stains/varnishes:

For water-based lacquer, around 1-3 hours per coat;

For oil tint, around 8 – 10 hours per coat (usually two coats required).

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Staining and varnishing July 27, 2016